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What we do (and what It'll cost you)

Cost includes: nightly turn-down service of enclosure (cleaning) and fresh water three times daily. Species appropriate toys/cardboard boxes, socialization, fresh air, lots of sun, quiet nights, nearly constant human companionship, at least one hour of supervised cage-free play daily (if applicable) in our indoor romper room.


Mammal costs

1 pet: $25 daily
2 pets in one enclosure: $20 daily for each pet
Litter/bedding: $5 per day per enclosure
Timothy hay and species-appropriate pellets: $4 daily per pet

Specialty greens, veg and fruit: $4 per day per pet


Non mammals 
Reptiles: $25 daily per pet
Amphibians: $25 daily per pet
Birds: $20 daily per pet
Other critters: please inquire on our contact page


Ala carte services

Nail trimming: $20
Grooming (brush out mats): $20 per pet
Occasional and unexpected costs such as rides to veterinarians and medical treatment to be covered by pet owner.


Please note: Avoid the food and bedding charge by providing your own!


Moveable Beasts uses only "Carefresh Natural" untinted premium soft pet bedding & "Kaytee Natural Timothy Hay". Other bedding and hay is available with a few days' notice, and the same cost daily. We use fresh water and pure distilled white vinegar to clean all enclosures. And all of our produce is organic from Rainbow Grocery.

             Exotics? Dogs? Cats?


We will endeavor to accommodate any animal, but reserve the right to 'just say no' if it's not a good fit. Dogs without a prey instinct are always considered. But NO CATS, please!

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Reserve your animal's stay with a secure deposit through PayPal. Certain times of the year are busy at Moveable Beast. A deposit ensures your spot and is fully refundable with 72 hours' notice.

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