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About me

My parents would tell you, I've always been a little "crazy" about animals. I grew up in Ohio, and much of my childhood was spent begging my mom and dad for a rabbit, a turtle, a gecko, a ferret... luckily, they often caved. Over the years I enjoyed two bunnies, two dogs, salamanders, a cameleon named Leo and more fish than I can name. Before I left home, I'd gotten a taste for living with and caring for small animals, a hunkering that's never left me.

I've lived in San Francisco for almost 20 years. I've raised animals here, too. As well as a couple of humans! Currently, I live with two bonded bunnies adopted from the Oakland Animal Services. From experience, I know how hard it is to find a loving, comfy home for small animals when traveling. Dog sitters? This city is thick with 'em. But a couple of bunnies? Good luck!


​For this reason (and because I miss the variety), I started a (license pending) small-animal boarding business in my home in the Mission District. Whether you have a beautiful but aloof spider, a stalward tortoise who prefers his carrots shredded, a litter-box-trained bunny who is accustomed to roaming your living room as he sees fit, or a critter that's scaled and secretive, I've got the heart and the experience to care for him or her as you would, and a cozy flat in which your small animal will feel right at home.


“This lady is dedicated to all living creatures. I only wish i could leave my seven-year-old kid with Elisabeth."  ​

Mandy McConnaughey, Bufford's owner


“The rabbits at Moveable Beast eat better than I do! Organic dandelion and Arkansas Black apples? This place rules!"  ​

Adam, Lucinda's owner


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